Programme 1 – Support to MRV activities: The programme aims at providing
support for MRV activities for implementing mitigation action in various sectors

Projects considered:
– Transport Emission Monitoring Reporting and Verification (T-MRV) and Mitigation
– MRV systems in the transport sector (El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Suriname,
Belize, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Saint Lucia and Panama)
– MRV regional workshops (West Africa, Central Africa, East and Southern Africa)
– Support for the development of MRV systems to enable mitigation activities in
Agriculture sector – Technical assistance to develop MRV systems (Asia Pacific)
– Support to develop / update Standardized baselines (SBs) in the Asia-Pacific region
(Asia Pacific)

Programme 2 – Mitigation frameworks: The programme aims at supporting the
design, further development and operationalization of frameworks for
implementing mitigation. The programme covers in particular NAMAs and
mitigation plans in NDCs. It may in particular cover aspects such as gap
analysis, capacity building and institutional arrangements

Projects considered:
– Support for the development of NAMAs as vehicles for implementing NDCs (African
– Supporting Selected countries to get ready to implement for NDCs (Africa, Caribbean
and Central America)
– Support for the development of bankable NAMAs as vehicles for implementing NDCs
(Latinamerica and Caribbean region)
– Promote Sustainable Development in the Power Sector of SIDS (Surinam and Haiti)

Programme 3 – Carbon market readiness and implementation: This programme aims at
supporting readiness for carbon markets through capacity building. It may consist among others in the following activities: dissemination and exchange of information, engagements and consultations, developments of proposals and roadmaps, and support on the legal and technical aspects of establishing carbon markets

Projects considered:
– Legislation for the Carbon Market (Africa, Asia and Latin America)
– Effective private sector engagement in mitigation actions (Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Guyana, Jamaica and Saint Lucia)
– Support new roles for designated national authorities (DNAs) in the Asia-Pacific region to link clean development mechanism to the new market mechanism under the Paris Agreement (Asia-Pacific region)
– Fostering country readiness to participate in international carbon market mechanisms under the Paris Agreement (The Asia-Pacific region)
– Support for development of carbon market instruments as mitigation actions for NDC compliance (Latinamerica Region)
– Article 6 Implementation (Latin American and Caribbean Regions)

Programme 5 – Financing mitigation action: This programmes intends
to support the deployment and scaling-up of funding for mitigation

Projects considered:
– Crowdfunding for mitigation actions (Africa and Latin America)