Asia-Pacific Carbon Forum, 13-15 Dec 2017, Bangkok, Thailand
Part of the first Asia-Pacific Climate Week

UN_BangkokThe Asia-Pacific Carbon Forum (APCF) is the leading regional conference on investment in climate action through market-based approaches and carbon pricing instruments. The annual event, this year part of the first Asia-Pacific Climate Week, is known for its substantive, comprehensive programme of plenary sessions, workshops, side-events and exhibits aimed at turning climate aspirations into climate action.
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Latin American and Caribbean Carbon Forum
Advancing the Paris Agreement: From targets to actions
Part of the first Latin American and Caribbean Climate Week

Web_card_LACCF_2017The Latin American and Caribbean Carbon Forum brought together for the eleventh consecutive year key players from the private and public sectors to share the state of the art around climate change migration, and reach out to cooperation agencies, potential investors and service providers. It is a space where climate aspirations turn into climate action. Read, Felipe Calderón >>

Africa Carbon Forum 2017, Cotonou, Benin, 28 – 30 June

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Climate Action for Sustainable Development in Africa

Read the closing press release from this year’s Africa Carbon Forum in Cotonou!
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Developing Countries Urgently Need Finance to Green Power Sectors

Eurus Wind FarmCountries in Asia, Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean urgently need financial support to green their power sectors and thereby implement their national climate action plans under the Paris Climate Change Agreement. This is a key finding of a report on the nationally determined contributions survey conducted by the Nairobi Framework Partnership in 2016.

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Governments See CDM as Crucial for Paris Goals – New Project Portfolio Launched in Marrakech

global-dna-forum_carousel Government officials meeting in Marrakech have said that the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) has a key role in helping countries achieve the goals of the Paris Climate Change Agreement, which is to limit the global average temperature rise to 1.5 to 2 degrees Celsius. Read more

Climate Change Response Requires Finance, Cooperation and Participation

acfplenary30 June 2016 – Success tackling climate change and achieving sustainable development in Africa will take finance, cooperation and real engagement with non-state actors, participants heard in high-level sessions that wrapped up this year’s Africa Carbon Forum. Read more


Climate Action Can Drive Sustainable Development in Africa

banner_2828 June 2016 – Action on climate change in the form of green policy, finance and market approaches can drive sustainable development in Africa, government, business and civil society representatives heard on the opening day of Africa Carbon Forum. Read more

Paris Agreement to Drive Development, Asia Pacific Carbon Forum

5983298210_7d8ecd6dde_b5 September 2016 – The Paris Climate Change Agreement has put fresh wind in the sails of climate policy, which governments and the private sector are seeking to harness to drive development at the Asia Pacific Carbon Forum, 5-7 September 2016, Jeju Island, Republic of Korea. Read more


Markets and Market Mechanisms Crucial for Climate Action Plans

nfp31 May 2016 – Development banks, United Nations bodies and other international organizations say they are ready to support the integration of markets and market mechanisms into national climate action plans submitted to the UN as part of the Paris Climate Change Agreement clinched last year. Read more

Latam-Caribbean Carbon Forum in Panama

panama28 September 2016 – The Latin American and Caribbean Carbon Forum (LACCF, to 30 September) is set to kick off in Panama City 28 September, bringing together key players from the private and public sectors to discuss ways to speed up the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through national climate action plans and market-based mechanisms, and to reach out to cooperation agencies, potential investors and service providers. Read more

Promoting Cooperative Climate Action in Africa

Scenic View from Kigali City Tower1 April 2016 – Come to Rwanda for the 8th Africa Carbon Forum to learn how to turn climate challenges into opportunities! The international community achieved a resounding success crafting a new, universal climate change agreement at COP21 in Paris in December 2015. Read more