On this page you will find information for all Nairobi Framework Partnership events, including the Regional Climate Weeks (full calendar below)

The Climate Weeks

The Nairobi Framework Partnership organizes the regional Climate Weeks, aimed at bringing together diverse stakeholders in the public and private sectors around a common goal of addressing climate change.

These Climate Weeks take place annually in the following regions:

  • Africa
  • Asia Pacific
  • Latin America & Caribbean
  • Middle East & Northern Africa

The Nairobi Framework Partnership is currently identifying the host cities for 2019’s Climate Weeks, but for details of 2018’s events, please explore the following links:

Africa Climate Week
Asia-Pacific Climate Week
Latin America & Caribbean Climate Week

Please check-in to this webpage to see upcoming information on 2019’s events!


Full calendar of past events organized by the Nairobi Framework Partnership

Dates Event Location/Region
13 – 15 Dec Asia-Pacific Carbon Forum Bangkok, Thailand
18 – 20 Oct Latin American and Caribbean Carbon Forum Mexico City, Mexico
28 – 30 June Africa Carbon Forum Cotonou, Benin
Dates Event Location/Region
 5 – 6 November 17th Global DNA Forum  Marrakech, Morocco
11 October Expert meeting on climate change and trade Global
 28 – 30 September Latin American Carbon Forum  Panama City, Panama
 26 – 28 September LEDS LAC Annual Meeting  Panama City, Panama
 5 – 7 September Asia Pacific Carbon Forum  Jeju island, Republic of Korea
 22 July  RCC Lomé: Regional Expert Panels on Article 6 Instruments from the Paris Agreement  Lomé, Togo
(BOAD headquarter)
 18 July RCC Kampala: Regional Expert Panels on Article 6 Instruments from the Paris Agreement Entebbe, Uganda (Protea Hotel)
 14 July RCC Bogotá,: Regional Expert Panels on Article 6 Instruments from the Paris Agreement Bogota, Colombia
 12 July RCC St. George’s: Regional Expert Panels on Article 6 Instruments from the Paris Agreement  St. George’s, Grenada
 1 July Enhancing Climate finance readiness capacities and improving decision making through the use of country climate change profiles in Africa  Africa
 28 – 30 June  Africa Carbon Forum  Kigali, Rwanda
27 – 29 June Asia LEDS Forum 2016: Mobilizing Finance for Implementing Priority Actions – An Asia LEDS Partnership Event  Hanoi, Viet Nam
 27 June Africa LEDS Partnership Annual Event  Kigali, Rwanda
 27 June Third NFP coordination meeting   Kigali, Rwanda
 23 June Green Mini-Grid Market Development Programme Africa
16 – 17; 20 – 21; 23 – 24 June Mitigation training for the Caribbean Grenada, Saint Lucia, Suriname and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
 13 – 14 June 2016 UNDP Global Workshop on NDCs Brussels, Belgium
 9 June  Regional Expert Panels on Article 6 Instruments from the Paris Agreement  Asia-Pacific
 1 June  Webinar on financing opportunities for CDM projects in Latin America and the Caribbean  Global
26 – 27 May Second 2016 meeting of NFP partners Cologne, Germany
 1 April Enhancing the enabling environment for private sector investments in the country’s renewable energy sector (Mozambique)  Mozambique
April – May Survey on implementation of NDCs Global
 17 March Regional expert meeting – Climate Change and enhanced Renewable Energy Development in East and Southern Africa  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
 30 March 3rd CITC Regional Conference on Climate Change and Sustainable Development: “How to Accelerate Climate Actions in Asia through Capacity Building and Climate Finance  Bangkok, Thailand
15 February Asia Pacific Regional Workshop on Integrating Market Mechanisms to the Implementation of INDCs Bangkok, Thailand
 28 – 29 January First 2016 meeting of NFP partners  Copenhagen, Denmark